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The Balanced Growth Retreat: Amplify Your Business, Uplift Your Life
The Balanced Growth Retreat: Amplify Your Business, Uplift Your Life

Sa., 07. Okt.



The Balanced Growth Retreat: Amplify Your Business, Uplift Your Life

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Zeit & Ort

07. Okt. 2023, 09:00 OESZ – 14. Okt. 2023, 09:00 OESZ

Kreta, Kreta, Griechenland

Über die Veranstaltung

The Balanced Growth Retreat: Amplify Your Business, Uplift Your Life

7-14 October 2023 in Crete


Join us for an incredible journey to the beautiful island of Crete from the 7th to the 14th of October for a transformational retreat. The Balanced Growth Retreat is a unique blend of expert business coaching from Nico, specializing in organic marketing strategies, and holistic wellness guidance from Daniel, an experienced mental and health coach.

About the Retreat

This one-of-a-kind retreat is designed to supercharge your consulting business and rejuvenate your mind and body, creating an impeccable balance between professional growth and personal well-being. Our retreat offers you expertly curated organic marketing strategies guaranteed to enhance your client base and workshops that place your mental and physical health at the forefront. All while you enjoy a beautiful setting (privat villa), exquisite cuisine prepared by our private young Italian chef, and exciting excursions—all included in the package. Simply book your flight, and we'll take care of the rest.

Why Join Us?

Learn the Secrets of Organic Marketing: Nico will guide you through the intricacies of organic marketing strategies, with a keen focus on social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram. You will learn to create engaging content, reach out to potential clients effectively, and importantly, how to secure a minimum of 15 qualified appointments with prospective clients within the first month of implementing our strategies correctly.

Revitalize your Mental and Physical Health:Daniel will provide you with a fresh perspective on enhancing your mental and physical health. Experience the powerful combination of peace and drive as you learn to foster self-confidence, courage, focus, and presence, ultimately elevating your overall life quality.

Experience the Magic of Crete:Bask in the serenity of Crete, which provides a calm and picturesque backdrop that fosters an environment of learning, growth, and relaxation.

Network with Like-Minded Individuals: Engage with individuals who are on a similar journey as yours. Share, learn, and grow together.

Retreat Highlights

Day 1:

N.: Define your consulting business offer and establish your target market.

D.: Find inner peace and establish a new sense of body awareness.

Day 2:

N.: Deep dive into the use of Facebook. Improve your online presence and find your niche.

D.: Learn to improve your physical drive and manage energy levels.

Day 3:

N.: Unleash your creativity with content generation and learn the efficient use of Facebook Messenger for activating leads.

D.: Harness the power of subconscious thoughts and movements.

Day 4:

N.: Master LinkedIn - finalize your profile, create your funnel, and understand LinkedIn workflow.

D.: Boost your self-confidence with athletic training principles.

Day 5:

N.: Leverage Instagram to grow your audience and generate new leads. Understand the power of hashtags and effective competitor analysis.

D.: Foster courage, take action and overcome limiting thoughts.

Day 6:

N.: Learn how to apply the strategy efficiently and create content fast and easily. Witness your calendar fill with appointments.

D.: Cultivate presence, set conscious anchors, and maintain absolute focus.

Join Us in Crete

Embark on this transformative journey with us from the 7th to the 14th of October in Crete. The Balanced Growth Retreat is more than just an investment in your business; it's an investment in yourself. Come and witness the magic of personal and professional growth in just a week.

For more information and to reserve your spot, visit contact us directly. We can't wait to welcome you on this incredible journey in Crete. Let's grow together.

The Coaches

Nico Estinto  + Daniel Wüstholz

Specialist in Organic Marketing + Personal Health & Mental Coach


All Inclusive: Shared Room - 2.990 € / Private Room - 3.290 €

All Inlcusive: Graduates of the Personal Health & Mental Caoch training (RAUSCH- method) - 2.490 € Shared Room / 2.790 Private Room

All Inclusive: Experts (RAUSCH-method) – 2.390 Shared Room / 2.690 Private Room

Click here for the Interview of Nico and Daniel

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